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ON OCTOBER 15th 2010, We marched in an event called Fiasco Friday Chicago. Supporters of Lupe Fiasco came out to support Lupe Fiasco, and protest Atlantic Records. Simultaneously a march in New York City was taking place where supporters protested outside of Atlantic Records HQ. Lupe Fiasco attended the march to thank the fans! This March took place because of Atlantic Records refusal to release his LASERS Album for the last 2 1/2 years! Lupe refuses to let Atlantic control his lyrics, he abstains from music about violence, drugs, sex, women, cars, money... Lupe's lyrics are empowering, inspiring, bring light to social issues in need of change. One week before the March our online protest efforts succeeded and Atlantic Records gave a release date for LASERS. We are happy and hope Atlantic doesn't force us to protest again. Atlantic was trying to force Lupe to sign to a 360 deal - meaning they would take 25 percent of Lupe's earning whether they had anything to do with it or not. So if he got a shoe deal with Nike on his own, Atlantic would get 25% of that! We want to spread the word about these terrible 360 deals in the music industry today!


All Marchers are asked to bring a picket sign:
- Something having to do with Lupe, LASERS, or Atlantic Records
- Please no Profanity
- We are looking for anyone with a Laptop and Portable Internet - We are wanting to broadcast the event live online!
-Bring your phone if it has internet, enable it to post pictures / videos on twitter, facebook, youtube... live from the march!
-Bring signs, posters, pickets... Be creative (No Profanity)
-Bring cameras, video or still. If you can do camera work and want to help document the event let me know... we can take turns shooting.
-Bring boomboxes, blast your favorite Lupe Music!!!
-Think of chants to yell while marching!!

All marchers are asked to wear Lupe Gear to the March 

- Camouflage Pants if possible
- Try To Wear All Black if no Camo
- A Lupe T-Shirt
- Sunglasses

Any Questions Email: or